Executive Board

President: Michael Hjerth
Vice President: Tomasz Switek
Vice President: Anne-Marie Wulf
Secretary: Geert Lefevere

Former presidents:
– Manfred Vogt (2008-2013)
– Caroline Klingenstierna (2013-2014)
-John Wheeler (2014-2017)

Each year the president is elected from the board, and will serve the year following their election.

The secretary, the treasurer and the web-master hold their positions for five years. They can be re-elected for the same position.
One person may hold both the positions of secretary and of treasurer.

Click here for a list of all member institutes!

The founding member institutes
◦ Korzybski International, Belgium
◦ The Institute for Solution-Focused Therapy, Chicago  and Sturgeon Bay, USA
◦ Norddeutsches Institut fur Kurzzeittherapie N.I.K., Bremen, Germany
◦ Spanish Association of Brief Systemic Therapy, Spain
◦ Lyhytterapiainstituutti Oy, Helsinki, Finland
◦ Solutionwork Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
◦ Academy of Solution-Focused Training, Singapore
◦ TaitoBa, Helsinki, Finland. Taitoba decided in the spring of 2012 to leave IASTI.