What are the IASTI levels?

There are 3 levels of IASTI certified training. Some institutes offer a pre-certificate introductory course.

The minimum amount of training at each level (1-3) of certification is 50 hours direct contact training and 100 hours personal professional hours of training activities. Personal professional hours of training activities are activities that the trainee will be able to exercise in part  during their normal working hours. Supervision hours can be counted towards either side.

The levels

Introductory Course: Initiate Level training

Such an introductory workshop exists to introduce trainees to a field of study. Trainees in this course have been accepted as students but are not yet fully certified. This is a pre-certification recognition of the trainee’s initial hard work, talent, early accomplishments regarding the Solution-Focused model, the institute’s acceptance and invitation to the trainee to participate in the Institute’s formal certification program. The Initiate level document  of proof can be given at approximately 20 hours direct contact training and without  a formal specification of personal professional hours of training activities.

Level 1: Solution-Focused Practitioner

The first level certificate includes basic training and practice in the solution-focused model as well as specific techniques. The outline of this training is specified further below. Under “What do I need for certification?“, you will find information regarding the examination to finish the training.
The minimum requirements for the level one certificate are 50 hours of  direct, formal contact solution-focused training through an IASTI member institute (including Initiate level training hours) and completion of 100 hours of  personal  and professional practice training activities

Level 2: Advanced Solution-Focused Practitioner

For the second level certificate, the member institute adds a specialization to the certificate. The specialization will  vary according to the national, legal and cultural needs and depend of the specific special competences among the trainers of each member Institute and the competence and achievements of their trainees. The list below  reflects the major fields of specialization that IASTI  currently recognizes.

Levels of specialization

It would be possible for a trainee to be certified in more than one field

  1. Therapy
  2. Counseling
  3. Coaching
  4. Education

The institutes may specify subcategories under each field when appropriate, for example:

  • Individual
  • Family and children
  • Couples
  • Group
  • Rehabilitation
  • Substance abuse
  • Career
  • Rehabilitation
  • Leadership and management
  • Other not specified above

Level 3: Master Solution-Focused Practitioner

At the Third Level of certificate the trainee can chose to focus on the same field(s) of specialization as the level two training and/or enhance the solution-focused competence by studying and practice in complementary fields of solution-focused practices.

The Master level IASTI certificate cannot be earned in less than 2 years and a minimum of 1 year is recommended for completion of each IASTI Certification level. As stated above, each level consists of 50 hours direct formal training and 100 hours personal professional activities.