Quality Control

To ensure that the IASTI member institutes provide a high quality training program in the solution-focused approach IASTI have in place a process of peer institute quality control. This process is under constant development. Some of the main features of this process is summarized below. Please also read the pages under “about us” and “membership” for the full information.

Criteria Admittance and Continued Membership
To be admitted to IASTI the institute, the trainers and the training program shall fulfill the inclusion criteria and continually maintain this quality in all points of the criteria.

Peer Supervision
Every IASTI institute ensures that the institute trainers are under the process of peer supervision in groups. Minimum amount of peer supervision is two hours over two months.

Client Work
All trainers shall be active in a clinical practice where they see clients on a regular basis.

Handling of Complaints
If trainees, representatives of customers, purchasers, or official bodies have complaints on an member institute, the IASTI admittance committee will contact the institute in question and mediate to help settle the complaint. If the complaints are determined to indicate poor service, then the offending institute may lose its membership.

Rules for the use of the IASTI name and logo
The IASTI logo and name is not permitted to be used by any third parity and only permitted to be used by (1) member institutes and (2) only to be used by the member to promote events or trainers that fill the IASTI quality criteria. The member institute shall take extra care to ensure under all circumstances that the event or trainer fills the IASTI quality criteria. Addition: An IASTI certified practitioner are allowed to use the IASTI logo and name only in the context of communicating the status as IASTI certified practitioner, but not to promote any event or trainer.