Handling of Complaints

In the case of trainees, representatives of customers, purchasers, or official bodies have complaints on an member institute, the IASTI admittance committee will contact the institute in question and mediate to help settle the complaint. If the complaints are determined to indicate poor service, then the offending institute may lose its membership.

Process to ensure IASTI inclusion criteria: The process described below can lead to exclusion of the member institute that does not meet the IASTI inclusion criteria or the criteria to uphold membership.

All complaints should be communicated to IASTI (a complaint form will be put on this website). If then IASTI is concerned that an institute may be failing to live up to the inclusion criteria or the criteria to uphold the right to certify and if informal mediation is not successful, the following actions will take place:

The IASTI committee can request that the institute update their description following the structure of the application and/or give their version and response to the complaint then IASTI will re-evaluate the institute. After one these actions are taken, a decision will be made whether the institute’s membership will remain active. The institute will receive a list of what changes it needs to make to continue its membership. The institutes will be given six months to fix the identified problems. If it has been determined that an institute has acted unethically, this option may not be possible. If the institute fails to cooperate in this process, it will automatically lose its membership.