Become a member institute!

Well-established and respected Solutions-Focused teaching institutes that teach within the fields of certification and fulfill the inclusion criteria should expect to be admitted to IASTI. We’re looking forward to your application!

This page describes the process and structure so as to make the process of admittance and the membership into IASTI transparent, safe and predictable to all institutes involved.

Figure of the process of admission of a candidate member institute in IASTI:
1) Sending in the application; 2) Assessment of the application; 3) Opportunity for questions; 4) Invitatio

Stage 1) Sending in the application
To apply send the full application to the committee for admission of candidate members. See the application page for further information on this!

Stage 2) Assessment of the application
The committee continues the dialogue with the candidate regarding the qualifications and checks that the candidate fulfils the IASTI inclusion criteria. Then a decision to support or deny the candidate’s application will be made. If the application is denied, the candidate will receive a written confidential answer with the reasons for denial.

The admission committee makes a collected assessment of the institute’s and the trainers’ qualifications and makes one of the following conclusions:

  1. The candidate institute fulfils the criteria to become an IASTI member
  2. The candidate institute does not fulfill the criteria to become an IASTI member. The institute will when asked for receive a written confidential answer with the reasons for denial

If there at the time for application are any conflicts between the candidate and institutes involved within IASTI, this shall be solved or worked out in a manageable way so as not to affect the continuous collaboration within IASTI on the points described in this document.

Stage 3) Opportunity for questions
If the committee decides to support the candidate’s application, the committee sends the information to all the member institutes that the candidate institute fills the criteria for admittance. The committee asks the IASTI members to present any questions directly to the committee. If there are no additional questions, the candidate institute is admitted directly; if there are questions, they are addressed. If there are any obvious questions or concerns regarding the candidate, they should be addressed during stage 2. However, if questions have not been addressed during stage 2, the questions can be addressed during stage 3 by the concerned institute(s) in collaboration with the committee and the candidate institute.

Maintaining integrity and providing a safe admittance process: In the event that a member institutes have concerns about a potential candidate institutes’ membership, they have to present the reason for concern to the committee. The discussions are to be kept confidential and within as small group as possible out of respect for the privacy and integrity of both the candidate institute and the concerned institute(s).

For reasons of integrity and confidentiality, IASTI will not ever comment publicly on the negotiations with individual institutes or why individual institutes are not admitted. IASTI will only make public its over all policy regarding such questions. It is only the candidate institute that can receive a written explanation about identified problems and only if they ask for it. IASTI cannot hinder any institute from joining without reasons addressing the areas described below under ”Hindrance for joining IASTI and criteria for Membership Ineligibility and Exclusion” or if the institute fails to fill the other criteria described.

Stage 4) Invitation
The admittance committee then makes the final decision. When all criteria have been satisfactorily met; they will, on behalf of IASTI, send the official invitation to the candidate institute to join IASTI.

Two-year affiliate membership
During the first two years as members of IASTI, the new member institute is an “affiliate” member and after two years the affiliate becomes a full member. Full membership gives the institute one vote at the yearly assembly.

Support for the new member institute 
New member institutes can turn to any IASTI institutes for support with all issues connected with IASTI membership and its requirements.  If requested, IASTI can choose a member to help guide the new institute